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As a competitive gymnast, I learned early on how to move my body into different shapes and explore my own physical power, flexibility, and grace towards mastery. I ran cross country and learned how to breath and how to pace myself to the finish line. I played high school basketball and learned what it meant to be a team player, that there is something bigger than myself. I used my senses to learn how to play the piano and how to savor the perfect s’more by the vibrantly orange, hypnotizing campfire flames.

It turns out, I already knew how to practice yoga before I knew the word Yoga, I just hadn’t made the conscious connection of the mind-body experience. In fact, we all know how to practice yoga, we just need to accept the invitation to connect with our conscious awareness. Mind-Body realization is a priceless tool to authentically navigate through the richness of life.
~Alyssa Rogers


In my early 20’s, the beauty and adventurous spirit of the north drew me to Southeast Alaska to spend a couple of summer seasons as an outdoor guide kayaking, biking, hiking and connecting with people from all walks of life. With more to explore, I moved to Fairbanks, Alaska where I earned a BBA Degree from the University of Alaska. In the coldest, darkest month of winter, a friend introduced yoga to me in my home with a yoga video as a form of movement that I could practice indoors. I then started to practice at home daily, curious and fascinated with my mind and body transformation. After a year of practice and intense self-study, I decided to learn more about yoga at a teacher training.

I graduated as a RYT-200 Yoga Teacher from the Nosara Yoga Institute (NYI) in 2012 and immediately started teaching at a local studio in Fairbanks, Alaska. I also taught for the university yoga club and in the public school system as part of the physical education curriculum. With a desire to advance my teaching and mentoring skills, I continued over the next couple of years to earn my next level of certification as a RYT-500. I also gained specialized certifications in Yoga Anatomy and Teaching Yoga to Athletes. During this time, I made a move back to my hometown of Boise where I currently teach. Click here to see my current schedule.


Yoga Alliance 500 Hour Certification Badge – Training & Education

  • 200-hour Interdisciplinary Teacher Training, Nosara Yoga Institute | Jan 2012

  • 100-hour Experiential Anatomy Training, NYI | Dec 2012
  • 100-hour Pranassage® Practitioner Training, NYI | Feb 2013
  • 100-hour Inner Quest of the Yoga Educator, NYI | Mar 2014
  • 20-hour Iyengar Teacher Intensive + Workshop | Jan 2016
  • 40-hour Yoga for Athletes Teacher Training | Jun 2016

Certification & Recognition – Yoga Alliance 500 Hour Certification Badge

  • Certified Yoga Instructor – RYT 500
  • Certified Pranassage® Practitioner-Yoga Alliance Approved
  • Registered with the Yoga Alliance as an RYT-500
  • Professionally Insured for Liability as a Yoga Instructor

“Yoga is the unifying art of transforming dharma into action, be it through inspired thought, properly nurturing our children, a painting, a kindness or an act of peace.” ~Anonymous